Start and stop frequency change for the 6MHz modification

Hello everyone!

I've recently started using openQCM-1 with 6MHz crystals. I have implemented the changes you have suggested in .

It worked (I now can use the 6000200.0 resonance frequency) but I found the frequency range to be too wide (the start and end frequency seemed to be wrong, the sample rate was over 4000 Hz). I browsed the forum and learned I need to change L6_fundamental and R6_fundamental in But here is where the problems started - the change in the code didn't affect the start and end frequency. Moreover, when I ran the measurement I could see in the Real-Time GUI the Size of data window was 11 (when in the code it says 9).

I looked at the code and the start and end frequency as well as the Size of data window corresponded to values for 10MHz. Changing the L10_fundamental and R_10 fundamental actually worked and changed the start and end frequency for measurements done at 6000200.0.

I just wanted to point out to that issue and also ask if I need to change anything else within the code (for example the lines connected with the overtones?) to make sure my measurements with the 6MHz crystals will work.

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