Operation within a UHV environment.

Hello Everyone,
Recently received the Shield, Quartz Sensor, and Holder. First time playing with a QCM, more fun than I would have guessed. I am looking to carry out measurements in a high vacuum environment. I assume keeping the sensor close to the oscillator would be the best way to go. With that said, just wondering if anyone has operated the shield in a vacuum? Is heating a problem, etc. Thanks in advance for any feedback you may have had with this subject.


  • Dear Michael,
    I am very sorry for the reply delay.
    In this period we are working hard around openQCM dissipation module and as a consequence I lost this post!

    I know about people that used the shield in vacuum, but personally I do not received feedback. Anyway as former researcher, during my Pd.D., I used QCM devices in UHV and at extreme temperatures environments (generally in cryogenic conditions).

    Your idea to use sensor close to the oscillator will reduce the noise of the system and I believe that you will not encounter problems.
    Anyway, it is important to undeline that QCM is extremely sensitive to T variationa... fortunately with high reproducibility in a thermal cycle (low "Hysteresis").

    The better way I suggest you is to made a series T vs Freq calibration cycles before your measurements, in order to well characterize sensor behavior and so on.

    For further question feel free to write me again and in any case i would appreciate a lot future feedbacks from you.
    Sorry again for the delay!
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