Question about Peristaltic Pump

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Hi openQCM Team,

We have a plan to buy a peristaltic pump. The pumps with fixed speed are cheaper, but I don't know which speed to use.

I want to share this link with you. There are several pumps to choose. They have different maximum PSI and RPM.

Could you please let me know which matches our QCM better?
Or could you please tell me the flow rate range so that I can choose a proper peristaltic pump?

Thank you so much!


  • Generally we used a flow rate of about 0.1 ml / min Which causes a frequency standard deviation of about 3 Hz to flow . The maximum flow rate Should be 1 mL / min
    Higher flow rate can cause larger frequency fluctuations around the baseline . But it should work as well, actually it depends on the frequency resolution that you need for your experimental tests .
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