Q-1 chemical compatibility

Hello, may I know if the parts of the openQCM-1 (including the fluidic window materials e.g. Teflon and PMME, O-rings, Tygon tubing) are compatible with acidic solutions or sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS)? I am planning to use a solution of 5% acetic acid solution (pH 2.4) and 10% SDS, and would like to know if it would damage the equipment. Thank you.


  • Dear huijeanlim, regarding your question... your observation is correct. As a matter of fact, the materials exposed to the solutions are:

    - Gold electrodes and Quartz
    - Viton o-ring
    - PMMA or PTFE
    - Tygon Tubes

    It is difficult for me to answer your question because we do not experience the SDS with our devices.
    In any case, I am quite sure that it is better to do not use PMMA with an acid solution. On the other hand, PFTE could be better for these typical applications, as well as Viton and Tygon tubes.
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