Aspiration vs Injection

Hi, I am using the openQCM Q-1 with a syringe pump to measure protein adsorption. In the manual, it is recommended that the sample is aspirated rather than injected into the fluidic chamber. May I know the reason for this? I am using an NE-300 Just Infusion pump, which can only inject and not aspirate, and would like to know if I can perform the experiment by injecting the sample instead. Thank you!


  • Hi huijeanlim, The reason we recommend aspiring is to avoid overpressure and, consequently, possible fluid leakage. This was especially valid for our old devices. Now that we have redesigned the sensor module, with a bayonet system, it is also possible to inject fluids. I advise you, however, to do some initial checks before leaving the system to itself.
  • Hi Raffaele, thanks for the reply. I have performed some checks and it seems to be working fine under injection at a flowrate of 0.1 mL/min. Thanks!
  • fantastic! Thank you for your kind feedback!
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