Monitoring multiple overtones simultaneously

Is the openQCM Q-1 limited to measuring one overtone per measurement? I would like to measure several overtones simultaneously (or at least within a short time interval). Is there a limit in the hardware to achieve this, or could it be possible with software modifications?


  • Hi Ville,
    regarding your question, yes, it is possible monitoring simultaneously overtones. But actually we are working to a new software version in order to enable this possibility. Actually should be possible to scan all frequencies together in about less than 10 sec, but we are also working to a new hardware with a 32 bit ADC in order to drastically increase the scanning time. In any case as soon as we will be ready with multi-overtone measure we will post a news on our official website.
  • Hi,
    That is great! Looking forward to this update, keep up the good work.
  • Thank you very much!
  • Hello,
    Was this feature already introduced?
  • Hi Ohad,
    Because Marco already replies to you by email, I will report the section related to this discussion:

    Actually we're working both on software and electronic development of the openQCM Q-1 device
    - software: major change of python software, implements multi-frequency overtone mode of measurement. major change and optimization of the software logic
    - electronics: major change of microcontroller and ADC system, in order to improve the ADC data conversion capability of the device, implementing multi-frequency overtone mode of measurement. Plus several electronic add-ons for Temperature active control of the quartz crystal sensor, implementation of electrochemistry measurement.
  • Hello, wondering if the feature to simultaneously monitor the frequency and dissipation shifts at multiple overtones is currently available on the Q-1 device?
  • Dear huijeanlim,
    Unfortunately, we tried with the Q-1, but it has hardware "too slow" to acquire simultaneous overtones measurement. For this reason, we design a new device "openQCM Next" that will be launch in January.
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