Programming Alternate Frequencies

I'm a grad student using the openQCM Wi-2. As part of my experiments, I need to use a variety of different electrodes.

We have a 9 MHz Cu electrode crystal that, according the manufacturer was compatible with our device, but doesn't seem to be resonating on either the 10 or 6 MHz setting. Is it possible to change the frequency of the openQCM so this crystal can resonate? What would the code for this be?

I appreciate your help!


  • Hi imjustakay,
    because you are using a Wi2, you don't need to do anything
    because this device is based on a Teensy 3.2. As a consequence you can use quartz sensors with higher frequencies, without problems.
    The 8 MHz limit was valid only for the older openQCM model, based on an Arduino micro.
    Really, also for this device you can read quartz with resonance frequencies > 8 MHz, as undersampling technique.
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