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Cold finger to quartz sensor.

Looking to see if anyone has had experience cooling the quartz sensor in a vacuum? Looking to obtain liquid nitrogen temperatures eventually. Would a cold finger in contact with the clear area cause significant issues?



  • Hi mswestph,
    this is Raffaele, from openQCm Team.

    I used cold fingers and QCMs in UHV during my Ph.D. thesis.
    I used this method in order to increase cleaning of the sensor and in order to avoid molecular degassing from the sensor. In my case I do not touched the active area, but placed the cold finger at a distance < 1mm from the QCM. In any case you will not damage the sensor, but you will observe a consistent frequency drift until T equilibrium.
    For further question, feel free to contact me again.
  • Excellent! This was the answer I was hoping for. Thank you for responding so quickly.
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